1. Water is leaking into your basement. Clogged, damaged, or worn gutters are main reasons for basement leaks.
  2. Mold in your basement. Leaky gutters create moisture in your basement, which leads to mold growth.
  3. Problems with your home’s foundation. Gutters that are clogged or leaking water towards your foundation instead of directing water away from it could cause cracks in your foundation.
  4. Standing water in your gutters. This is a sure sign of non-performing gutters.
  5. Gutters are sagging, pulling away from your home, hanging down or leaning more towards the front instead of being level, or seamed gutters are loose or pulling apart at the seams and are too worn to be reattached.
  6. Your gutters are bent, dented, or have holes or cracks in them beyond repair.
  7. Gutters are not draining properly. Look for these two telltale signs:
    • When it’s raining, listen to how the rain is flowing out of your gutters. If you can hear water smacking to the ground, that means the water is pouring over the sides of the gutter. This could be a result of misaligned gutters or a gutter blockage.
    • Puddles of water forming around your home after it rains or mold growing around your home’s foundation or façade.
  8. The paint on your home is peeling, wood is corroding in areas behind the gutter, or you’re seeing rust stains on your home. This is caused by gutter water backsplashing or overflowing and running down the back of the gutter along the exterior of your home. Your gutters could be worn, misaligned or clogged.
  9. Your gutters have rusted.
  • You can see gaps either between gutter connections or between the gutters and the fascia boards to which they are attached.
  • You’re finding nails or broken fasteners on the ground, which have fallen from loose gutters.
  • Water channels are forming in your landscaping or parts of your landscaping are washing out or eroding. These are signs your gutters are not performing properly.


The spring and fall seasons are the best times to have Optimal Gutters check your roof gutters. We’ll look for wear and tear, evaluate its alignment, assess whether your gutter system is working properly, and clean your gutters and downspouts. If we find any problems, we’ll provide you with gutter replacement or repair options. Contact us to schedule your home gutter inspection today to prevent costly home damage in the future.

Things to remember:

  1. Quality Gutters Are Important for Long-Term Value, Well-maintained aluminum or steel gutters are standard for providing long-term value to your home. Cutting back on quality also decreases your ability to maintain the landscaping around your home. Studies show that high-quality gutters contribute to improved landscaping sustainability, which has the potential to dramatically increase your home’s overall value in the long run.
  2. Installing Gutters is No Simple DIY Project.Consider a professional gutter installation company for your new gutters, as they will be able to ensure a high-quality job is completed safely and efficiently, as quoted and on budget. Installing gutters requires you to be on top of a ladder at least a dozen feet in the air, opening yourself up to a huge risk of injury. In North America, nearly 200,000 people experience ladder injuries every year.

As well, home-repair guides identify the difficulty level of installing gutters as “moderate” with a task time of up to 12 hours—and that’s just for medium-sized rancher! Professional gutter installers have machines that run continuous gutters.  This almost eliminates all seams.

  1. Local Laws, Regulations and Building Codes. Each municipality and province have their own regulations for gutter installations, ranging from size, hanger spacing and how they drain water onto the ground. Optimal Gutters is fully trained to understand the differences between each city’s building codes and regulations to ensure that your gutter system complies fully with all the by-laws.
  2. Consider How Important Appearance Is. Functionality, longevity and efficiency should always be top of mind, but pleasing aesthetics goes a long way towards curb appeal and your home’s value.  Your choice will involve choosing between colours, seamless gutters versus sectional style gutters with multiple joints, and the profile or style that best suits your home.
  3. Know Your Needs Based on Local Rainfall. Lastly, it’s no secret that the lower mainland is a wet part of the country. What’s particularly unique about our climate isn’t so much that we get a lot of overall annual rainfall (think of how rare heavy thunderstorms are because of our mild summers); it’s the fact that we experience significantly higher than average days of rainfall, especially during the winter months. Long-term durability of your gutter system is therefore extremely important.

But don’t despair! Optimal Gutters is here to help you with all your gutter needs and service. Call us today for a free quote. 604-308-1698

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