At Optimal Contracting we understand the importance of installing commercial roofing to the highest quality possible. Providing you with exceptional roofing services means you can maximize on the value of your building and that you’re able to protect the people within the structure along with your prized belongings.

We provide commercial roofing all over the Lower Mainland and in Vancouver. That means that if you need commercial roofing in Surrey or anywhere else, we’ll be able to get your job done, completing it at an affordable price.

At Optimal Contracting we have experience within all types of commercial roofing including flat roofing services, along with torch-on and TPO services. We deal with asphalt roofing shingles, environmental roofing, and we also offer our own quality workmanship warranty.

People depend us for dependable roof repair, upgrades, installations, re-roofing and much more. We’re able to provide roofing for brand new commercial buildings or upgrade existing systems in order to prevent damage and improve the quality of your drainage. We design slope packages that work correctly so there is no water pooling on your roof which can cause rotting.

Optimal Contracting provides our clients with several different benefits. For starters, they’re provided with an extra peace of mind since their energy costs can be reduced and the value of their property can be increased.

Our team is highly experienced within the scheduling of all commercial roofing projects, managing your entire project from start to finish. We make sure your new or existing construction project is finished on time and we stick to the budget we initially discussed.

We also take time to provide you with a quality analysis of the materials that will meet all your needs most appropriately. We want to make sure you’re satisfied with your results and that your new or existing construction project is engineered with materials that are unparalleled in their quality