The importance of maintaining a fully vented soffit

Fully vented soffits protect your roofing system from rot caused by moisture buildup and ice damming, and can even protect your attic from pest infestation. Soffits can fail, though, over time. If you spot rotting or cracks in your soffit, it is time to schedule a soffit repair with Optimal Contracting.

To prevent soffit rot, you should regularly clean your gutters, which will promote drainage and prevent water buildup around the soffit and fascia. Failing to keep up with soffit repairs can result in a rotted roof deck and total roofing failure.

It’s important to work with a reputable roofing contractor such as Optimal Contracting to ensure your fully vented soffit remains in working condition…….read more



Soffit repair: Promote ventilation and prevent total roof failure

Soffits—the underside of a roof’s eave—are installed to provide ventilation for your roofing system. A soffit vent installation draws air up through small holes in the soffit, and out through a ridge vent, preventing excess moisture from causing the roofing deck to rot. If a soffit vent installation is performed incorrectly, however, ice damming, rot and roofing failure can occur. That’s why keeping up with soffit repair is so important—maintaining a fully vented soffit keeps your home or facility in working condition.

If you think it might be time for a soffit repair or soffit vent installation, here’s what you should know:

By choosing Optimal Contracting they will be able to develop a preventative maintenance plan for your roofing system which will include soffit repairs. They will work with you to maintain the structural integrity of your overall roofing system, keeping your home or facility up and running.

If it’s time for a soffit repair, be sure to schedule a consultation with Optimal Contracting. We’re the lower mainland’s experts on roofing, siding, and gutters. We have the care and precision to replace siding on homes, and the bandwidth and diligence to take on large-scale commercial projects. Home- and facility-owners around the lower mainland trust us to protect their assets



Here’s why:

We’re passionate about what we do. We live for the feeling of seeing a job well done. This means using knowing the proper soffit repair techniques better than anyone else. It means being up-to-date on fire safety codes, lower mainland’s building codes and international standards. Our goal is to deliver solutions that meet your facility or home’s needs. And we do it seamlessly. We operate by a higher standard. Other guys? They want to get the job done. We want to get it done right—on time and on