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Invoice Number INV-15151607
Invoice Date November 4, 2020
Total Due $22,267.50
Paul Ouimet

5 Strachan Road
West Vancouver

Travel to # 5 Strachan Point Rd
à Prepare areas as per WCB guide lines

à Remove existing material from roof and clean up into supplied garbage bin prepare roof decking

à Supply and install new 3/8 plywood over entire roof area 

à Supply & Install Underlayment: Enviroshield SBS modified Bitumen with a self-adhesive backing is stuck to the new roof deck creating a water tight seal.à 

à Enviroshake: Supply & install Composite Shake to Mansard roof deck using 2&1/4 Stainless Steal.

à Capping : Remove existing Cap flashing only replace if metal does not remove properly {sometimes bends}  replace metal if bent {extra Charge}

¨ Final clean up. Includes:  A 40 yard bin will be supplied for disposal & clean up (disposal cost also inclusive)  Magnetic sweeping of all surrounding areas for excess nails & staples, general clean-up of all debris.

PLERASE NOTE : The window sills  where showing signs of water ingress one had rot which we have attended to We have installed custom metal to divert water and peel and stuck inside so no water penetration in the future We did this procedure around all windows. We had to replace the capping to the upper part of the roof as we could not remove without buckling metal (only 30 gage quite thin} We installed Capping to corners of building after discussion with Enviroshake as the area is subjected to wind and the extra protection is much better.

The Car port has been completed  (some confusion as to what was being replaced ) hence the wait time for the extra materials and labour






Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Remove Cedar shake and underlay supply and install Enviroshake Underlay and Shake
500 Car Port

To remove old cedar shake . Supply and install new plywood install Underlay Enviroshield peel and stick install Enviroshake
Total of 5sq material and labour

1 EXTRA Corner capping

After consultation with Enviroshake we supplied and installed Corner Capping on house covering open seams for added coverage against weather

1 custom metal capping around perimiter of roof {Buckled on removal}

Supply and install roof cap around entire roof area

9 window repairs

on each window there where signs of water ingress (one quite bad) repair as required custom make metal to deflect water
modify Enviroshake to fit on to corners trimming as necessary

Sub Total $45,000.00
Tax $2,250.00
Discount -$24,982.50
Total Due $22,267.50