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Invoice Number INV-15151535
Invoice Date February 19, 2020
Total Due $15,487.50
Mint Construction BC

B.C. V4A 8E8

Remove Asphalt Shingles surrounding Lateral Valley areas.

Install Custom Folded 26GA sheet metal valley Pans

Re-install Ashphalt Shingles to areas to create water tight seal

SITE ADDRESS   8560 162nd street Surrey




Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
26 26 units

Remove Asphalt shingles surrounding Lateral valley areas
Install custom made 26GA sheet metal in valley pans
Re-install new shingles to these areas to make water tight seal

3 Unit # 2,#40,#51

Replace EPDM to units where membranes had been damaged

Sub Total $14,750.00
Tax $737.50
Total Due $15,487.50