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Invoice Number INV-15151638
Invoice Date April 14, 2021
Due Date April 14, 2021
Total Due $7,744.09
All about gutters

19708-16th Ave, Surrey,V2Z1K1

All About Gutters Agreement to pay

Agreement to pay $1.50 per foot on All About Gutters Own Jobs

This agreement allowed use of truck & machine to make gutters and  was to be paid to Optimal Contracting when any jobs were done.

Most addresses on list have now been accounted for and charged accordingly

All About Gutters was to be sub-contracted to do all of Optimal Contracting Jobs and paid as per individual quote to Optimal Contracting for the job once approved. These quotes were written by Ryan Moster, the owner of All About Gutters, these were always discussed with Geoff (General Manager) before being accepted and approved for work to commence. All these invoices for sub-contracting work to date have been fully Paid, all but 2. One is attached beloew and one we are waiting for an invoice for work done on a barn.

This invoice is for work done using OPIMAL'S machinery & truck for all the addresses that have finally been acknowldeged, and other items found as below.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Addresses that have had gutter instalation or repairs

All About Gutters has taken the gutters truck and performed Gutter instalation and or repairs at 27 addresses attached to this invoice since September 2020. With out knowledge of owner as per agreement. All About Gutters has now owned up to these. we have accepted footage given

11 Addresses found sind May 2020 call out charge unless proven as with other addresses

More Addresses found going back to May2020

1 2 Reels put onto Optimal"s Kaycan account for All About Gutters own jobs

1 reel on job 2486-2880 Helc Place @ $556.82
1 reel on job 240 JM @ $576.00

1 Invoice # 1285 still owed
1 barn still owed -no invoice so estimate
1 allowance on siding

I have given you your hours that you had written on the siding job even though there was a loss of $2,484.84 on the job

Sub Total $7,375.32
Tax $368.77
Total Due $7,744.09