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Invoice Number INV-15151590
Invoice Date September 12, 2020
Total Due $4,236.12
SCL Contracting

Charges for Highpionte Whistler for SCL Contracting

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Garbage pick up and drop off at whistler transfer

Includes labour for picking up debris and placing in bin
Optimal providing transport of bin/trailer & Labour to drop garbage to dump site

1 weigh bills for mixed wood garbage

7 drops

1 hotel stay booked for you for your crew

1 room 15 June 2020 4 nights
2nd room 15 June 2020 4 nights

2 extra night for crew for SCL deficiencies

higher rate in august

35 TL bundles

replace TL shingles damaged by SCL Crew. pictures available upon request

6 Labour to re-install damaged shingles

6 square combined. Pictures available upon request

Sub Total $4,054.37
Tax $181.75
Total Due $4,236.12