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Langley, BC,
V2Z 2J3
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Invoice Number INV-15151594
Invoice Date September 25, 2020
Total Due $29,820.00
LGL construction

2254 272 street
Aldergrove BC
V4W 2R1

R00F Maintenance

• Inspect all shingles and capping for damages and replace if necessary.

• Carry out caulking repairs to any exposed fasteners.

• Thoroughly clean around all air vents and if necessary cut back tight fit shingles to allow for correct water flow.

• Inspect all storm collars and carry out re-caulking if necessary.

• Inspect all lead caps to ensure that caps are sitting in correct position.

• Clean up and remove all organic debris. • Remove heavy moss build ups and spray a total of +/- 52000 square feet of roof using Spray and Forget moss control.

• Cut back gutters at 1 valley area and clear away organic build up debris.

• At #19- repair 2 large ‘Bumps’ in the roof. • At #6 – replace one 1 ½” plumbing stack cap where chewed by animal.

• All vent flanges appear to be fastened with cladding screws. • Clean up and remove debris.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 roof maintenance as required above $28,400.000.00%$28,400.00
Sub Total $28,400.00
Tax $1,420.00
Total Due $29,820.00