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Invoice Number INV-15151596
Invoice Date October 20, 2020
Total Due $14,472.15
565 Southborough Holding Ltd

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Gutters are to be fastened with 3/4" extruded hangers no less than 18" on Centre using
double strength #10 x 1 1/2" plated, deep-threaded wood screws. All outlets to be
aluminum, 2 3/4" flush-mount style, fastened by two 1/4" stainless steel screws

The unique patented design of Gutter Sentry turns your
average gutter into a complete box design, providing
unequalled strength against bending, twisting and crushing.
The Gutter Sentry allows the eavestroughs to remain firmly in
place in extreme weather conditions, without sagging because
of snow and ice formation. The structure is strong enough to
support the weight of a ladder pressed upon it, without crushing
or deforming.
The Gutter Sentry perforation system, with its twenty 1/8 in.
holes per square inch, provides unequalled drainage capacity,
up to more than 4 times the heaviest precipitations known
worldwide. Essentially, this means that even the presence of
debris on the Gutter Sentry will never hinder the drainage
capacity of your eavestroughs.
Cons: The only con to this system is that it is attached to the Gutter system before gutters installed and if you should ever need to clean the gutter system it becomes a difficult problem for the general gutter clean companies

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
400 To remove old down pipes supply new 2x3'' piping installed with color coordinated strapping

Remove Piping as required supply and install new 2x3'' Aluminum Down pipe install with color coordinated Straps

557 Gutters

Remove old gutter system custom make new guttering and install using 3/4'' extruding hangers nor further than 18'' on center using double strength #10 1-1/2'' Stainless Steel screws

557 Gutter Sentry Leaf Guard

supply and install Gutter Sentry to gutters system over Gutters

Sub Total $13,783.00
Tax $689.15
Total Due $14,472.15