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Invoice Number INV-15151601
Invoice Date June 12, 2020
Total Due $7,350.00
Strata VR 027, Highpointe,

2101 Whistler Road,
Whistler, B.C

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Reinforce roof structure

1. To cut out/remove multiple roofing sections to gain access to roofing joists
2. Install reinforcement material as per Engineer’s instructions (using 2x8x14)
3. Replace roof sections as per Engineer’s instructions

1 Extra battens for plywood insterlation

On going:-
Supply &Install 160 pieces (2x4x8) of additional battens to ensure plywood could be nailed on all 4 sides as required by Engineer’s report

1 $10,000 allocated to framing repairs in contract taken $-10,000.000.00%$-10,000.00
Sub Total $7,000.00
Tax $350.00
Total Due $7,350.00