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Invoice Number INV-15151576
Invoice Date July 31, 2020
Due Date July 31, 2020
Total Due $6,605.03
Strata VR 027, Highpointe,

2101 Whistler Road,
Whistler, B.C

Claim For Change in Contract Price

Metal: specs for custom Rake and Eave metal, was found to be wrong stipulation for these pieces was a 1" face. Due to the fascia the rake and eave had to be re-made with a 3" face. this metal had to be remade.
charge is for actual invoice as well as delivery and pick up from site

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 cost of wrong size metal
2 delivery charge/pick back up charge $550.000.00%$1,100.00
Sub Total $6,290.50
Tax $314.53
Total Due $6,605.03