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V2Z 2J3
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Invoice Number INV-15151574
Invoice Date July 31, 2020
Due Date September 24, 2020
Total Due $5,433.75
Strata VR 027, Highpointe,

2101 Whistler Road,
Whistler, B.C

Claim For Change in Contract Price
Crane had to be moved several times due to Home owners having to enter and leave parking area takes approximately 45 minuets each time
Due to other trades taking up large amounts of room in front of the entrance difficulty extending out riggers made set up more difficult and therefore more time consuming
The material staging area (Court Yard) that was originally planned and budgeted for was unable to be used due to other trades working in area
The court yard was far from ready and therefore we had to place material directly on roof. This was ok for the front part of the building, but due to the distance that the Jib had to be extended to full compacity it lowered the weight that it could carried . For example the standard amount of Bundles (shingles ) was 40. To land the material on the far side of the roof we could only carry 8 bundles which took 5 times as long

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Extra Charges from Whistler Crane

Total Invoice form Thurston Sales $8,800
we budgeted as per their original quote for Job $3,000

Sub Total $5,175.00
Tax $258.75
Total Due $5,433.75