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Invoice Number INV-15151572
Invoice Date July 31, 2020
Due Date August 31, 2020
Total Due $28,964.25
Strata VR 027, Highpointe,

2101 Whistler Road,
Whistler, B.C

Completion of Roof Replacement

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Access & mobilization
1 Site Protection
1 Asphalt shingle roof instalation
1 Chimney Siding Replacement
1 Siding extras requested taken from Misc Repairs

Found that chimney siding was in fact hardie board, this is impossible to cut without breaking for roof to chimney transition. New hardie board had to be installed and painted to match exsiting colours

Sub Total $27,585.00
Tax $1,379.25
Total Due $28,964.25