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Invoice Number INV-15151559
Invoice Date May 11, 2020
Total Due $15,750.00
Jerry Lund

1426 Barberry Drive
Port Coquitlam

à Remove Material from surrounding parapet wall etc and dispose into Garbage Bin Supplied

à Supply & Install: 3/8” plywood over entire roof area using 2-1/4” nails

à Supply & Install Underlayment: O.C. Deck Seal self adhesive underlay to be laid over  complete roof deck area

à Supply & Install  Internal Gutter:  system bonding with adhesive. Install copper spun drains 2” as required

à Starter shingles: O.C. Starter strips along eaves

à Metal Work: All Flashing to be 26 ga metal. Gutter tops  Install W profile for valleys.   Metal flashing's are  applied to any chimney  and / or skylight areas etc.  As required

à Plumbing Seals :Replace new  flashing's Neoprene gaskets  for plumbing outlets and heating B vents for heating stacks

à O.C. Oakridge  : Supply & install Asphalt shingles to roof deck using 1&1/4 EG  roof nails.

à Roof Venting : Lamanco Ridge vents on all roof ridges

à Capping : High Profile capping to  hip and ridge areas 

¨ Final clean up. Includes:  A 40 yard bin will be supplied for disposal & clean up (disposal cost also inclusive)  Magnetic sweeping of all surrounding areas for excess nails & staples, general clean-up of all debris.

¨ Extra Charge for item 2 on the invoice as discussed with Ryan Site Foreman Please note the metal cover cost is $380.00 of total 



s document I.E. Wood rot Insect infestation




Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Roof Conversion

See details in Description

1 supply and install wood structure around Chimney plus new lid

Build a frame around Chimney install EPDM rubber up and over area for water tight seal supply and install new Chimney lid 26 Gage metal.

Sub Total $15,000.00
Tax $750.00
Total Due $15,750.00