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Invoice Number INV-15151540
Invoice Date March 2, 2020
Total Due $15,893.15
Ken Kirby

17522 Hillview Pl

EnviroShake New Construction

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Install new Enviroshake

Supply & Install Underlayment: A SBS modified Bitumen with a self-adhesive backing is stuck to the new roof deck creating a water tight seal.
Metal Work: All Flashings to be 26ga metal. Install W profile for valleys. A metal drip edge around eaves to stop water wicking onto Facia board. New metal along Rake edges for extra strength and water repelling
Plumbing Seals :Replace new flashings Led Stacks / seals for plumbing and heating stacks to include on goose neck
Enviroshake: Supply & install Composite Shake to roof deck using 2&1/4 Hot Dipped roof nails.
Roof Venting : Lomanco 12” continuous ridge venting system (ridge areas of roof).
Capping : Enviroshake Composite capping to hip and ridge areas
Note; We recommend Snow clips on areas where access to the home is required

1 extras

to install 12/12 capping up rake edges (please note after a mock up of 1 bundle of capping owner changed his mind) remove 1 bundle of 12/12 capping
To pull out all shake up 6 rake edges prepping nails as required
Install rake edge Flashing (26GA)
Re-install roof shake up rake edges as required

Sub Total $26,803.00
Tax $1,340.15
Discount -$12,250.00
Total Due $15,893.15