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Invoice Number INV-15151603
Invoice Date October 23, 2020
Total Due $2,730.00
Park Ridges Homes (Fraser Heights) Ltd Partnership

16811-60th Ave

Parkridge office Gutters.

used a Spin cover to reduce the 4" commercial outlet to a standard 3" outlet (3 month waiting for commercial 4' pipe)
using custom made elbows to make closer fit run Lyndab down piping from roof to ground following best as possible the contours of the wood support system

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 down pipes

to Supply and install Lyndab round down piping using custom made elbows and reducers

2 pipe converters

supply & install 4" to 3" pipe converters

Sub Total $2,600.00
Tax $130.00
Total Due $2,730.00