3278-240th Street,
Langley, BC,
V2Z 2J3
Tel: 604-308-1698

Invoice Number INV-15151621
Invoice Date January 8, 2021
Total Due $6,269.55
Peak Construction 1876 Ltd.

310- 2626 Croydon Drive
Surrey B.C. V3S0S8

Project manager Johann Dmello

To supply and install Metal capping on Fire walls

to supply and install custom made Menzie on 607 G

Carry out repairs after holes cut after shingle

Nails penetration of  roof area after after faulty back framing

Replace seals after plumbers incorrect installation of pipes

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
240 install Capping on Fire wall

material install $10 per foot

1 supply and install oversize custom menzie
24 To Repair areas of roof damaged by Plumbing and framing crews
240 custom metal capping 24ga
1 Custom Menzie $350.000.00%$350.00
Sub Total $5,971.00
Tax $298.55
Total Due $6,269.55