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Quote Number QUO-5171717
Quote Date February 22, 2020
Total $7,350.00

1856 E 13th Avenue Vancouver

à Prepare areas as per WCB guide lines

à Tear off existing roof

à Supply & Install Underlayment: 30lbs Synthetic material (Flextex silver) entire 3/12 pitched sloped roof

à Owens cornering :  Starter shingle around Eaves and valleys to include Rake edges

à Metal Work: All Flashings to be 30ga metal. Install W profile for valleys. Walls, step flashing, Bread Pan diverters and custom metal as required .

à Plumbing Seals : Install Neoprean piping gaskets installed as required

à O.C. Oakridge  : Supply & install Asphalt shingles to roof deck using 1&1/4 EG  roof nails.

à Roof Venting : Use SV 50 Static vents to BC building codes as required

à Capping : Marathon 3 tab capping

¨ Final clean up. Includes:  Removing all unused and garbage from roof to be placed on corner of building for removal by client .

¨ PLEASE NOTE : This estimate has been produced without site inspection. Estimate may increase if there is a shiplap roof Deck as Plywood would need to be installed. Also how many layers of shingle existing on roof  as it would be a  increase on wastage



Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 One layer replacement shingle

1856 E 13th Avenue Vancouver

Sub Total $7,000.00
Tax $350.00
Total $7,350.00

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