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Langley, BC,
V2Z 2J3
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Quote Number QUO-5171762
Quote Date July 11, 2020
Total $14,595.00

2912 Roseberry Avenue
West Vancouver
BC V7V 3A6

Remove layers of material from roof and clean up into supplied garbage bin
Supply and install ; 3/8” plywood to decking installed with 2-1/2 sheeting nail
Supply & Install Underlayment: synthetic underlayment 15 lbs covers roof deck. 30lbs felt paper around eaves. Starter shingle along Eaves of roof
Metal Work: All Flashings to be 30ga metal. Install W profile for valleys. Including any chimney and / or skylight areas etc. As required
Plumbing Seals :Replace new seals for plumbing
CRC : Supply & install Asphalt shingles to roof deck using 1&1/4 EG roof nails.
Roof Venting : AF 50 static vent where required
Capping : Marothon Three tab caping along ridges and hips of roof
Final clean up. Includes: A 40 yard bin will be supplied for disposal & clean up (disposal cost also inclusive) Magnetic sweeping of all surrounding areas for excess nails & staples, general clean-up of all debris.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Roof Conversion $13,900.000.00%$13,900.00
Sub Total $13,900.00
Tax $695.00
Total $14,595.00

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