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Quote Number QUO-5171769
Quote Date August 13, 2020
Total $18,900.00
Dave & Lyndsay

4146 Beaufort Place
North Vancouver
B.C. V7G 2N5

à Remove existing material from roof and clean up into supplied garbage bin prepare roof decking

à Supply & Install Underlayment: synthetic underlayment covers roof deck. Starter shingle along Eaves and rakes of roof, plus Armourshake starter to match shingle colour

à  Metal Work: All Flashings to be 26 ga metal.

à Plumbing Seals :Replace new  flashings Led Stacks / seals  for plumbing and heating stacks as required

à Iko :  Armourshake

à Roof Venting : Lamanco Ridge venting complete ridge line

à Capping : HP capping hips and ridge

Final clean up. Includes:  40 Yard Bin for disposal of waste

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Roof Conversion $18,000.000.00%$18,000.00
Sub Total $18,000.00
Tax $900.00
Total $18,900.00

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