3278-240th Street,
Langley, BC,
V2Z 2J3
Tel: 604-308-1698


Quote Number QUO-5171784
Quote Date January 8, 2021
Total $7,140.00
First Residential

C/O First Residential
Strata Plan EPS 2381 - Hyde Park
700-200 Granville Street
Vancouver BC V6C 1S4

BuildingsĀ  10088/92 148th Street Surrey

Buildings 14877/59 100th Avenue

Estimate for Gutter Cleaning X 4 Apartment buildings Bi-Annual

Please Note that the price is for one time only please X 2 for Bi- Annual

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Vacuum clean gutters and downpipes

Set up as per WCB Safety Standards.
To Clean out gutters and down pipes using Industrial Vacuum System {total clean and scrub of inside gutter} making note of any poor sealed Joints that require maintenance {Full Estimate will be Given if required Maintenance}

Sub Total $6,800.00
Tax $340.00
Total $7,140.00

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