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Quote Number QUO-5171760
Quote Date June 27, 2020
Total $46,725.00

2262 Brandywine Lane


Prepare areas as per WCB guide lines

Remove existing material from roof and clean up into supplied garbage bin prepare roof decking
Supply & install new 1/2" plywood over entire roof area ( also gives a seismic upgrade to house)
Supply & Install Underlayment: Enviroshield SBS modified Bitumen with a self-adhesive backing is stuck to the new roof deck creating a water tight seal.
Metal Work: All Flashings to be 26ga metal. Install W profile for valleys. A metal drip edge around eaves to stop water wicking onto Facia board. New metal along Rake edges for extra strength and water repelling Metal flashings are applied to any chimney and / or skylight areas etc. As required
Plumbing Seals :Replace new flashings, Menzies / seals for plumbing and heating stacks
Enviroshake: Supply & install Composite Shake to roof deck using 2-1/4 Hot Dipped roof nails.
Roof Venting : Lomanco 12” continuous ridge venting system (ridge areas of roof)
Capping : Enviroshake Composite capping to hip and ridge areas

Final clean up. Includes: A bin will be supplied for disposal & clean up (disposal cost also inclusive) Magnetic sweeping of all surrounding areas for excess nails & staples, general clean-up of all debris.

Note; We recommend Snow clips on areas where access to the home is required This IS NOT part of the estimate

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Roof Conversion Enviroshake

Custom made Enviroshake capping and SBS underlay

Sub Total $44,500.00
Tax $2,225.00
Total $46,725.00

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