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Quote Number QUO-5171782
Quote Date December 10, 2020
Total $21,399.00
Sandi Paven

1627 Greenmount Avenue
Port Coquitlam

Prepare areas as per WCB guide lines à Tear off existing roof

à Supply & Install Underlayment: 30lbs Synthetic material for entire 5/12 pitched sloped roof

à IKO : Starter shingle around Eaves and valleys to include Rake edges

à Metal Work: All Flashings to be 30ga metal. Install W profile for valleys. Walls, step flashing, Bread Pan diverters and custom metal as required .

à Plumbing Seals : Install Neoprene piping gaskets installed as required

à IKO Cambridge : Supply & install Asphalt shingles to roof deck using 1&1/4 EG roof nails.

à Roof Venting : Use Lamanco Ridge venting as necessary.

à Capping : High Profile capping.

¨ Final clean up. Includes: Removing all unused and garbage from roof to be placed in garbage bin provided .

Remove old gutters and down pipes as required and dispose of garbage

Replace roof on garage Torch on

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 To replace roof on main building

Supply and install new IKO cambridge Shingle Roof
To include new Skylight

1 Torch on garage roof

To remove tar and gravel roof and dispose of garbage install new full 2 ply system laying Protector board base sheets and top sheet in black
PLEASSE NOTE the Plywood does look discolored and may need replacing in areas this would be an extra charge

1 supply and install new gutter system

Remove old gutter system replace with new 5 inch colonial style gutter cutting in all corners to make a continuous run.
Supply and install Down pipes as required using colour straps to secure

1 to supply and install fast flow funnels and debris catch boxes

To Install Fast flow funnels which increases the flow of water this in turn takes the small debris with it $200.00
To install Catch boxes these boxes will catch the debris on the way down and should be emptied periodically $ 525.00 installed

40 supply and install Facia board along front of house

Please note that this is an estimate that is for the front part of the house only we may not need as much of this so the price will change with the job

1 Leaf guard Gutter Century

this is the best leaf guard on the market as far as i see $1417.00
There is a cheaper on called Pro Guard which is good but not the best in compared $ 1256.00

Sub Total $20,380.00
Tax $1,019.00
Total $21,399.00

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