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3278-240th Street,
Langley, BC,
V2Z 2J3
Tel: 604-308-1698

Quote Number QUO-4
Quote Date January 24, 2020
Valid Until February 24, 2020
Total $21,367.50
Restorers Group Inc

524 Sharpe St.,
New Westminster
V3M 4R2


Francis Rd

Richmond B.C.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Roof Conversion

Roof Conversion Remove old cedar from roof
Supply and install 3/8th Plywood using 2/12" sheeting nails
Supply & install peel & stick around eaves of building and Synthetic Underlay to remaining deck.
Supply & install starter course along perimeter of roof
Supply & install all vents and seals as required Including B Vent and collar.
Supply & Install Lamanco Ridge venting system as required along Roof Ridge.
Supply & Install custom 26ga metal as required
Supply & Install Zinc Strip along ridge edge
Includes 40 yard bin for disposal

1 Supply and install new gutter system

remove old gutters and down pipes
Supply and install 5' colonial gutters and down pipes
Supply Fast flow Funnel and debris catchers to all down pipes

Sub Total $20,350.00
Tax $1,017.50
Total $21,367.50

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